Creating with the audience

Sébastien Dethise views his shows as a way of meeting others.

Pair work
Even if he is the only artist

Taking the audience into account is an essential part of Sébastien Dethise’s work. In his shows, there is no fourth door. In spite of the artistic quality and technique of his acts, he believes that the true value of a show lies in the way it can play with and for the audience.

Technique is a tool that complements Sébastien’s actual strength. Beyond magic, juggling and humor, his secret resides in his ability to create a true encounter, familiar and relaxed, in spite of the surrounding circumstances.

He enjoys himself when he’s performing, no matter if the stage is one of privilege or one improvised in an African village.

Around the world

Traveling is in his blood. He uses his art as a universal language.



Although Sébastien always takes what he does seriously. He excels in his ability to laugh at himself and at others without offending.

He might accuse his accomplices (the audience) in a ruthless way for a mistake which he himself committed. This makes him tenderly despicable.

He likes playing with ambiguity and misunderstandings. He creates situations which could be interpreted one way or another, a not that innocent naivety that allows the little ones, and the not so little ones, to find their own clues.


As is the case with many artists, technique is at the base of his creations.

Passionate about discovering and practicing, he invests time and effort into building a strong foundation in many fields. He tries hard not to bore his audience, and his will to be unique leads him to innovate.

His best technique: years of experience have helped him to develop a great capacity for understanding his audience, a sort of sixth sense which allows him to adapt his game and his presentation according to the context.

No matter if the audience is made up of adults or children, Dutch or Chinese, it always works! Each show becomes a one of a kind experience.

Sebastien Dethise

Love, that cheesy word?

The magic formula: doing things with love. Love your audience and your audience will love you, give energy to your audience and your audience will give it back to you, enjoy yourself and the audience will notice and thank you for it.

Sebastien Dethise – Verse 3

The more fun he has, the better the show, and the better the show, the more fun he has.

15 years of experience

“I do not address the audience but each individual in the room”.